Road Transport News – European Commission launches new Mobility Package

Whilst Great Britain prepares for negotiating Brexit the European Commission has published its long-awaited ‘Mobility Package’. It was unveiled on Wednesday 31 May 2017 and it aims to help the sector to remain competitive in a transition to clean energy and digitalisation.

The new legislation if passed, will create important changes to the existing body of EU law regulating road transport. These include:-
• revising rules on operator licensing. This will include vehicles under 3.5 tonnes used for hire and reward under 3.5 tonnes
• changes to drivers’ hours rules, regarding arrangements for weekly rest
• minimum wage rules
• specific rules for road transport to simplify and harmonise compliance with minimum wage rules

It is unlikely this will become legislation before Brexit but the UK cannot ignore it as these proposals will affect how goods are transported to and from Europe.
It may be that as part of the leaving process deal the UK agrees to adopt the European rules as part of our domestic legislation.

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