Road Transport News – Increased Fixed Penalties for Mobile Phones

The fixed penalties for hand held mobile phones have now changed from 1 March 2017.

The fine for use of a mobile phone has now increased to £200 from £100 and the penalty points has increased from 3 to 6.

If the driver is sentenced at court the fine is up to £1,000 for car drivers and £2,500 for drivers of buses or good vehicles.

This is a huge change as drivers with 6 points or more on their licence will now face a disqualification of up to 6 months under the totting procedure. Probationary car drivers holding a licence for less than 2 years will face revocation and a complete retest.

Lorry drivers convicted of phone use can expect to appear before the Traffic Commissioner with the risk of their vocational licence being suspended.

We can represent any drivers charged and who are at risk of losing their licence and advise the operator what to do at this early stage.

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