There’s no such thing as a simple lease notice

It is a sign of these still somewhat troubled economic times that lease notices are being regularly disputed and litigated.  Break notices often steal the lime light, but even commercial lease notices served pursuant to the 1954 Act are being [...]

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Apportionment of residential management charges – finally a common sense decision

With all the drama caused by the decision in Phillips v Francis a more recent decision which offers some good news to managing agents may have been overlooked. Recent decisions have often seemed to complicate and confuse what were standard [...]

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OTB Eveling welcomes Keith Biggs as Commercial Property Partner

OTB Eveling has continued to expand with the addition of Keith Biggs as a Partner in its Property Team. Keith has an excellent local reputation having worked in and around Exeter for over 23 years. He brings to the firm [...]

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Please rest assured that OTB Eveling remains open for business in support of all of our clients during this difficult period. Our remote working capability is fully tested and secure. We would recommend that over the next few weeks, clients email their usual firm contact directly, although we will try to deal with any calls coming through the main line as soon as possible. For new or general enquiries, please email