Section 87 of The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 seeks to introduce a new section 156A into the Companies Act 2006. This provides that company directors must be natural persons and bans the appointment of any new corporate directors. Furthermore, existing corporate directors would have 12 months be removed or replaced. Consultations tell us that there are likely to be exceptions, such as for corporate groups whose parent company is regulated and for corporate trustees but the exact detail is not yet finalised. The government expectation is that this change (together with laws in force regarding the need to maintain a PSC register) will increase corporate transparency and accountability. Section 156A with regards to new directors was initially expected to take effect from October 2015, with existing corporate directors expected to be eradicated by October 2016. However, this timetable was delayed by 1 year (taking us to October 2016) and there has been no further update. For now, companies would be well advised to keep their eyes peeled for updates and to start thinking about likely consequences on implementation.