The employment tribunal statistics for the period April to June 2014 have today been published by the Ministry of Justice.  The statistics make interesting reading and continue to highlight the substantial impact the introduction of tribunal fees is having on the number of claims being brought.

When compared with the same period in 2013, the number of single claims being brought in the Employment Tribunal is down 70%.  This is in addition to the number of multiple claims (i.e. those brought by more than one Claimant against the same employer) being down from 1,500 in April – June 2013 to only 453 for the same period this year.  This figure is, however, volatile, due to the potential for a few large claims skewing the figures.

What is also interesting to note is that the number of claims received in April – June 2014 is almost a third lower than those received in January – March 2014 –  a change which could possibly be due to the introduction of the mandatory ACAS early conciliation regime.