Employment Tribunals – Pricing

We support our corporate and commercial clients with a wide range of employment law services, including defending them against employment tribunal claims.

The SRA’s 2018 Transparency Rules require us to supply information on the prices we charge for certain types of work, including the defence of unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal claims in the employment tribunal.

The information provided here only covers unfair or wrongful dismissal claims employment tribunal. It does not cover other types of employment tribunal claims (although they share similarities), or the other types of work we do.

No two employment tribunal claims are the same. Our charges for employment tribunal claims are based on the time we spend on them, and our hourly rate charges, which range from £200 (associate) – £250 (partner) per hour, plus vat.

An unfair and wrongful dismissal employment tribunal claim may be relatively simple in nature or can be highly complex and involved. We have set out below the typical range of our fees below, broken into three stages of the life-cycle of a typical unfair and wrongful dismissal employment tribunal claim.

Typical range of our costs for defending an Unfair Dismissal claim

The prices above cover all of the work required for us to fully manage the case for you, with the exception that the costs of representing you at the full hearing may be additional to our costs above, particularly when we instruct a barrister (counsel) to undertake the advocacy at the hearing (see below).

We will minimise time and costs wherever we can, while still ensuring an appropriate level of service and support to you. With this in mind, we will always advise you on your prospects of success, and whether we think it would be appropriate to settle your case to reduce the ultimate cost to your business.


The expenses and costs that we incur in handling your matter are called disbursements. They may include courier, copying, travel, and accommodation costs, which we shall discuss with you before they are incurred. Not all cases incur such costs.

We will often instruct a barrister (counsel), to represent you at the full hearing, and sometimes for preliminary hearings. Counsel’s fees for unfair and wrongful dismissal cases, depending on their expertise and experience, typically range from £1,500 to £2,500 plus vat, per day.

Although the simplest of cases only require a hearing of one day, most unfair dismissal hearings take between two and five days to conclude.

Examples of matters that add to the complexity of a case

  • Circumstances of the case extend over a long period.
  • Constructive dismissal cases.
  • Cases involving many witnesses or large amounts of documentation.
  • Cases involving complex industry-specific issues.
  • Cases involving multiple respondents or claimants.
  • Complex or hard-fought settlement negotiations (which may not successfully resolve the dispute).
  • Multiple case management applications or disputes over the management or handling of the case.
  • Defending against litigants in person (unrepresented claimants).
  • Making or defending costs applications.
  • Addressing preliminary issues such as employment status.
  • Complicating additional elements of a claim (in addition to unfair or wrongful dismissal).


Unfair and wrongful dismissal cases that reach the stage of a full hearing usually continue for 6 – 12 months but may occasionally carry on for 18 months or more. Some cases are then appealed, which takes longer and costs more.

Our team

Our close-knit team has a wealth of experience supporting commercial clients defending employment tribunal claims. For more information please contact Matt Huddleson , Kath Kidd or Sarah Luxmoore.