How your business should prepare for a coronavirus outbreak

Is your business starting to consider the risk of a coronavirus outbreak? The impact of a COVID-19 outbreak on your workforce should now be on every employer's risk register. Matt Huddleson explains why, and what you should do. (more…) [...]

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What you need to know about UK employment law changes in April 2020

Each year there are changes to employment law in the UK. This year there are a few changes that, although they aren’t ground-breaking, do have the potential to catch you out. Employers. Beware. Here is what you need to know [...]

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Do we really need employment contracts and policies?

Or perhaps the question should be: “Do these contracts and policies need to be so complicated? and who should draft them? HR or legal?” I have had several conversations recently (and more regularly) fuelling the ongoing debate about the best [...]

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Please rest assured that OTB Eveling remains open for business in support of all of our clients during this difficult period. Our remote working capability is fully tested and secure. We would recommend that over the next few weeks, clients email their usual firm contact directly, although we will try to deal with any calls coming through the main line as soon as possible. For new or general enquiries, please email